Your qualifications

  1. End-to-end: You’ve done a good job across the product lifecycle, from conceptualising to validating to prototyping to user and market research to MVP to full implementation to validating the impact of the product. You identify what metrics to track and what data to collect to validate user impact, build dashboards, analyse the metrics, draw conclusions, and feed them back to step 1, building a flywheel that gets faster with each turn.
  2. Quantitative: You have expertise in working in a highly data-centric environment, using data analysis to drive outcomes at scale, measurable, such as millions of dollars of additional revenue by using techniques such as segmenting users into different personas to handle differently.
  3. Qualitative: You’ve used qualitative approaches and user empathy to identify and fix problems that are road-blockers for product adoption.
  4. Business: You’ve owned one or more business metrics. You understand business and are able to work effectively with businesspeople. You’ve developed independent expertise in your business. At the same time, you deeply understand engineers & designers and ideally because you yourself are from an engineering, UX or business background before you moved into product.
  5. Calculated Risks: You evaluate risks, identify which have limited downside, prioritise between multiple risks (since we may not be in a position to take them all at once) and the leadership confidence to take them even if others disagree.
  6. Size: You’ve worked at companies significantly bigger than DPDzero (say annual revenue of 100 cr or 40 engineers), so that you can tell us what’s coming down the road, warn us of strategies that may look good today from where we are but will fail in a year. At the same time, you’ve also worked at companies our size or smaller, so you know how to do the 0 to 1 journey.
  7. Velocity: You’re able to maintain a high velocity of delivery of value over time by building quick prototypes to rapidly test with users before full implementation, A/B testing, launching to few users, controlling scope, failing fast, breaking into milestones, and other techniques. When the organisational workflow / collaboration isn’t conducive to high velocity, you proactively take responsibility to solve these problems, using your ability to able to reverse-engineer visible problems like endlessly changing specs back to root causes. Then you fix these root cases, which could be process, people, or something else. You know enough to adopt counterintuitive solutions, like requiring a lot of time investment to tackle severe tech debt in order to go faster in the future.
  8. Year of experience: The right person for this role would have 5+ years experience, but if you’ve achieved all the above with less experience, we’d be eager to meet you.
  9. Office: You’re open to working out of our Jayanagar, Bangalore office 5 days a week. We have an office-centric culture where everyone comes to office every day, not a remote or a hybrid culture.
  10. If you haven’t worked in fintech or lending, don’t let that hesitate you from applying We realise that many innovations have come from outsiders. So we’ll consider you without bias.

What you’ll build at DPDzero over the next few years

  • You’ll build a business with high CM1 (both absolute and percentage) at a 10x scale compared to today, or which shows clear, unambiguous signs of getting there. Once you figure out the model, we should be able to pour more leads into it. We want you to focus on revenue in the long term, not quarter to quarter CM1. Revenue is a consequence of building the right engine.
  • You’ll build a platform that drives results, rather than people (which is an agency model). The platform will reduce the need for manual work, and make manual workers more effective.
  • You’ll figure out a sustainable pricing model and be responsible for P&L with the business and operations teams.
  • You’ll help different functions and teams work together smoothly as a cohesive unit, busting silos.
  • You’ll explore different technologies like AI, maybe AI collection agents. Or AI that decides the next best action for a borrower, such as what next if he doesn’t answer a call, rather than a human deciding the next step. AI was just an example, and you’ll explore whatever technologies will help us the best.
  • You’ll scale revenue, with cost increasing less than proportionally, because we will have a recipe to follow that works to have meaningful conversations with billions of borrowers in the world.
  • You’ll use product insights to help both pre-sales and post-sales (customer success).

Why you should consider this job

  • Big market: There are billions of borrowers in the world and most adults need some form of formal credit.
  • Industry disruption: We’re uniquely qualified to significantly improve the collections industry by solving the unsolved problems: First, the market is fragmented and there is no one big player. Second, existing players just pressure the borrower to repay without listening to their unique problems. When you work with us, you get to build the future of this industry.
  • Funding & Revenue: We’re funded by Blume, IndiaQuotient & Better Capital. We are at USD 2m ARR with a growth of 3x just the last 12 months. We are in the top 1% of startups of similar stage when it comes to revenue and close to break even.
  • Culture: We’ve built a culture based on being direct to each other in a high-trust environment, and working together in an ego-less manner to do what’s right for the customer. We go the extra mile to make sure we treat each person fairly. During evaluation of our employees, we really make sure that we take multiple inputs from people they work with and ensure that we minimise bias.
  • Support to succeed: In this job, you’ll have all the support you need to succeed, such as access to highly qualified engineers, the ability to hire more if needed and sufficient cloud budget.
  • Experimentation: We believe in experimentation, that we need to try a couple of things before we find the one that works. We’ll support you in your experiments, with an appropriate experimentation time and money budget if you think that helps.
  • Work with founders are highly accomplished. We have seen multiple startup journeys over the last 10+ years.
  • Ananth Shroff launched Exotel’s Indonesia business division when he was just 22. At Setu, he was responsible for GTM for getting from 0 to 1 Billion USD GTV, contributing to Setu’s acquisition.
  • Ranjith BR was responsible for bringing the integration TAT from 4 months to 1 week which was crucial for onboarding 18k merchants in 1 year and achieving the 1 Billion USD GTV at Setu.

About DPDzero

Credit penetration in India faces significant challenges, necessitating focused attention. Without proper infrastructure, extending credit to unserved and underserved populations remains elusive.

DPDzero is on a mission to enhance credit penetration by enabling lenders to concentrate on acquiring new customers, while we handle delinquency management. We are an 18-month-old startup, collaborating with over 20 lending partners . We have secured $3.25 million in seed funding from Blume Ventures, India Quotient, Better Capital, etc.

Company Description:

DPDzero is a pioneering fintech company dedicated to extending formal credit access to the next billion individuals in India. Our cutting-edge platform leverages machine learning and a digital-first approach to transform the lending industry. By prioritizing compliance, data-driven decision-making, and a culture of experimentation, we aim to maximize value for lenders while delivering an unparalleled customer experience. Join us as we revolutionize the financial landscape and empower individuals with greater financial opportunities.


At DPDzero, we work with a diverse range of ambitious lenders, both established players and emerging disruptors, who are reshaping the credit ecosystem in India. Some of our esteemed customers include Cashe, Ring, TATA Capital, IndusInd Bank, KreditBee, and more, with new additions each month.

Our Approach:

We partner with our lenders by taking charge of their collections portfolio, allowing them to focus on customer acquisition while we ensure efficient recovery from their customers. Our technology-driven platform leverages machine learning algorithms to optimize collections strategies and drive maximum recovery rates.